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 So I got the teeth out today, everything went just great. No problems. I think I offered the nurse a hug when I got out of the seat. Felt just great. Then I got home, had a nap and sobered up. That's when the pain hit, but I've got meds that're helping. So whooo!!! My diet so far consists of milkshakes and jell-O, which if I was 8 again that would be the most awesome thing ever, but I don't think ever before have I had such an intense craving for meat, cheese, and potatoes. I haven't eaten anything solid in over 24 hours now... Yep... Gettin' hungry. Let's hope these holes heal quick, eh!

 I doubt I'll be online this week except for when I take baths (Case in point). The majority of my time is spent in bed playing Oblivion. Gotta say it's a pretty awesome time. Y'know... Other than having bleeding ouchie holes in my mouth. 

 Yeah... so... uh... that's what's goin' on.
  • Mood: Pain
  • Listening to: Fantasy Man - Alice Cooper
  • Reading: Hack/Slash
  • Watching: Near Dark
  • Playing: Oblivion
  • Eating: Jell-O
  • Drinking: ...Milk
 A bit being a few days up to a whole week. As I mentioned before I'm going to get my wisdom teeth yanked on Monday. I have to admit I'm pretty nervous, since I've never gone for a procedure or surgery before. The worst has been shots and a cavity. In all honesty I would be more at ease with getting drunk and taking a scalpel and a pair of pliers to my mouth, but I do realise that is a silly notion and I should leave the dental work to the professionals. I just hope I'm really loopy from the drugs when they're done ripping chunks out of my face. I am not looking forward to the pain. Not that I'm terribly squeemish when it comes to physical pain, as anyone who's known me long enough will be able to tell you, but I am really just un-nerved about being unconscious and having a stranger cut into my face and pull out my teeth. Yeesh. I dunno, when if they drop something in there? Or stab my tongue with a needle? Perhaps they forget to wear their masks and I get all kinds of foreign saliva in my face? Who knows. I'll be unconscious and completely defenseless. Ugh. It gives me the heeby jeebies. I just know if I wake up in the middle of it I'm waking up swinging, so I'd better be good and knocked out of my trees, thank you very much. 

 So yeah, I may just stay in bed and take the first 3-7 days off after my operation... or procedure... whatever it is. I have art to upload already, and I might be able to work on some during my recovery period, but I doubt it. Another thing that urks me is that while I'm in pain from my mouth I probably won't be able to work out. That's really got me in a funk. Gug. I would curse these 'wisdom' teeth but I think that's already happened. 

 I think that's all for now. Hopefully once I'm healed I'll be able to find a job and not be a useless shmuck. I need to start making money and getting out of the house.

 Night all, have a great week. 
  • Mood: Worried
  • Listening to: Done With You - Papa Roach
  • Reading: Hack/Slash
  • Watching: Uh... Grimm Love
  • Playing: Unreal Fortress
  • Eating: .... some yogurt
  • Drinking: Water


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I'm a 22-year-old artist. I like ink, cross hatching, black and white, stippling, markers, pens, doing things the hard way because I'm stubborn as hell and eating way too many dill pickle chips. Yep. That's me.

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